Colouring Your Life With Da'wah


Sekali lagi berbicara, but this time ada serious sikit wa cakap lu although my words, my language ada chill2 gila2 but from gila2 or sewel2, we also can talk about some serious matter. Everybody have their own way and approach baa... Jangan pandang orang sebelah mata. Even budak kecik pun can have big talent. 

So, berbalik kepada topik utama.. Last night, me and my roomate become interested and terpanggil untuk menonton video2 yang telah dibuat oleh seorang hamba-Nya. The video is very good and of course my roomate and I touching la.. Gila touching.. U know y my roomate and I excited sangat nak tgk video tu?

* One of the video I watched last night!! The Purpose Of Life <3

As a muslim, we all know about our religion and when we watched the video sedikit sebanyak it makes u realized where are u right now and what have u done as a muslim. Another reason y both of us think that video tu best is the way budak tu menyampaikan knowledge unique and fresh. I mean creative and it is suitable for young people nowadays yang suka tgk video dkt youtube. Maybe some people will think that the way he convey the knowledge is not suitable or proper.(especially org lama) But, in order to share the knowledge and to tell the truth to other people, u have to be smart and creative because every people have different way to accept and interpret the knowledge. The most important thing is U MUST KNOW HOW TO ATTRACT THEM TO LISTEN AND LEARN THE KNOWLEDGE. Understand them, and interact with them so that they will feel accepted and appreciated. So, for Mr. TalkIslam good job!!