Apologize and Forgive

Oh Allah, if I hurt others, give me strength to apologize . If people hurt me, please give me strength to forgive. As a human being with a lot of weaknesses and mistakes, I admit that it is not easy for us to apologize or forgive someone. This is because in every human being there will be "Mr.Ego."

As a human being, I try to improve myself from day to day. It is not easy because for a girl like me, who are so sensitive and hot-tempered, to apologize is very hard. However, yesterday, I've decided to throw away my ego and apologize to someone although at first I thought that I am not wrong at all. I've decided to do this because I want to solve the problem and make both of us happy.

However, for now, I think I will keep myself away from that "someone". Maybe it is better for us to be strangers.

*Grammar mistakes? sorry...

    Oh Allah, please forgive me for all my mistakes..