Friendship Till Jannah


29 January 2014 : Today we have our class at BK 17..Some of us were already excited because on the next day is HOLIDAY!!! uYEAAHH! Hehe... At first, during the first class we were so focused and pay attention during the presentation ( Estee's group). btw it was a good presentation. However, during the last class at 1030 until 1230, we start to become hyperactive or over excited. Well, everyone become so excited to enjoy their Chinese New Year Holiday!!! For our lecturer "Mr. W", we are so sorry for being so naughty and rude during your class. :P Next time I will try to pay more attention and stop playing.

Btw.. berikut merupakan beberapa gambar atau bukti yang menunjukkan kami tidak tumpu perhatian ketika lecturer mengajar. Sorry sir!! hehe... 
Me and Estee

Then, we feel that " we must begambar sekali lagi. Itu satu kwajipan untuk buat muka cute!"
And the result is...Tada!!!
Errr.. :P
 SELFIE.... Macho ker? Hohoho... to my Mr. xoxo don't be jealous..:p

* logo insta : bukan edit it's real. 

Senyum itu sedekah

Tweeter.... or.. krik..krik... ??

My Character for the reader's theater...

Friendship... No matter what our religion is, no matter what our skin's colour is, no matter where we come from.. we still love each other as a family and friend.  I hope this friendship will last long till Jannah..
* syahmeer and aina and linda lu olang punya pic tiada dkt saya ooo... next time i post ok..

Last but not least, Oh Allah, kurniakan lah hidayah kepada kami, ampuni segala dosa kami, ibu bapa kami, guru-guru kami, serta semua insan yang kami sayangi dan saudara-saudara kami. Amin.. :)